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MAGIC3 GO® Female Hydrophilic Catheter

The MAGIC3 GO® catheter is a hydrophilic, female length catheter with a robust handle for better control, a discreet consumer package and a new coating that maintains the catheter in a hydrated state so that it's ready to go out of the package.

  • Easy Connection | Better Control
    MAGIC3 GO® handle provides the user with an ergonomically designed area for a secure grip. It can easily be connected to a collection device. Designed to minimise the risk of contamination by enabling the user to hold the catheter without touching the catheter shaft.
  • Three Layer Silicone Technology
    MAGIC3 GO® catheter is a three-layered silicone catheter designed to glide easily and comfortably through the urinary tract.
    • Comfort - Ultra-soft outer layer designed to maximise comfort.
    • Easy Handling - Firm middle layer for easy handling.
    • Easy Navigation - Highly pliable inner layer for easy navigation.
  • New, Unique CLEANGLIDE Technology
    CLEANGLIDE technology is a next generation lubricious coating that is self-hydrating, maintaining the hydrophilic coating and the catheter in a hydrated state, requiring no patient activation with water prior to use.
  • Comfort Designed Tapered Tip
    MAGIC3 GO® catheter offers a comfort-designed tapered tip with four drainage eyes for maximum drainage and flow of urine.
  • Easy to Carry | Easy to Open | Easy to Use Packaging
    The MAGIC3 GO® catheter package is discreet and gives you the ability to carry it folded in a compact format.
    • Easy to Carry - Easily folded in a discreet and compact format during your day.
    • Easy to Open - Easily opened with finger ring tab.
    • Easy to Use - Ready to go right out of the package without the need of adding water or lubricant.

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The MAGIC3 GO® catheter provides control with a secure grip and a no-touch area for you to insert the catheter. It can easily be connected to a collection device.


The MAGIC3 GO® catheter is a three-layer silicone catheter with self-hydrating coating, CLEANGLIDE Technology. It's designed to glide easily and comfortably through the urinary tract.


The MAGIC3 GO® catheter offers discreet packaging and gives you the ability to carry it folded in a compact format. The adhesive flap frees up your hands by attaching to dry vertical surfaces.

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